Stop Smoking

We know that patients who have an ongoing illness (for example ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, COPD, asthma or kidney problems) are the most at risk from smoking and stand to gain the most health benefits by quitting. Two out of three smokers would like to stop.

Smoking cessation help can be accessed from your local pharmacy. Find your local services by searching here .

Alternatively you may text “pharmacy STOP Home Address Postcode” to 80011

There is an extremely useful website which highlights the benefits of stopping smoking, provides some useful tips to stop smoking, and answers frequently asked questions.

If you would like help from the surgery with quitting then please do not hesitate to raise the subject with your GP or nurse.

Please note that GPs and pharmacies no longer routinely supply nicotine replacement therapy – after two weeks patients must purchase their own supply and self-care. An exception to this is made in the case of pregnant ladies who can obtain a twelve week supply to help them on their way.

Good luck!