PPG – Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

We like to involve our patients in the development of the practice.

If you think this is something you would be interested in contributing to, please get in touch. Your help and input are valuable to us. The PPG includes GPs and practice administration staff as well as patient representatives.

Patient Group

We have a voluntary patient group who help to monitor and develop our services. Dr James Knox helps to coordinate the group. If you have any suggestions for the group they can be left at reception, with Mrs Sam Willis, our admin lead or or with Dr Knox. 

Patient Equipment Fund

For many years we have had a fund which helps to provide equipment or improved facilities for patients. This is managed by Trustees. We are very grateful for all donations given to the fund. The donations have been extraordinarily generous and we have been able to purchase a wide variety of things to improve our ability to provide emergency care, palliative care, disease monitoring and improved facilities for patients.

Friends of Kirkbride Surgery

This fund exists because of the generous donations of patients, their families and friends who benefit from the services that Kirkbride Surgery provides.

The fund has 2 trustees who give their time to ensure that the fund’s money is used wisely, and for the benefit of all the practice’s patients, through the supply of equipment and support of health-promoting activities.

 To help illustrate the good work that has been done, the major purchases over the past five years are detailed below.


Electrical pads for defibrillator machine                                       £87     

Leg tubes (request from district nurses)                                         £62

Upkeep & hire of Oxygen cylinders for emergency use              £853 pa

Pulse oximeters for emergency & diagnostic assessment         £516

Hire of village halls for community flu vaccination clinics     £66 pa

Blood pressure machines for loaning to patients                       £165

Projector for use in training sessions                                              £390

Paediatric pulse oximeters                                                                   £330

Upgrade of ECG machine                                                                      £756

Batteries for the defibrillator machines                                         £220

3 patient couches with elevating mechanism                               £2589

Keeler slit lamp for eye examinations                                             £4590

British lung foundation information leaflets                               £25

Digital lens ophthalmoscope                                                               £457

Obstetric Doppler for hearing baby’s heart beat                         £284

Abdominal ultrasound scanner                                                         £3000

Label printer for sample identification                                          £197

Sturdy patient chairs                                                                             £125

Sturdy patient chairs to carry up to 35 stones                             £840

Dermoscope for skin diagnosis                                                         £885

 dispens-it machine for blister packs                                              £825

3 new defibrillators                                                                                £2400

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