The Croft Surgery

Kirkbride, Carlisle, Cumbria CA7 5JH


Out Of Hours

CHOC on 03000 247247 gives medical cover during the evenings and at weekends. CHOC is run by local doctors and nurses, all doctors in the practice work sessions for CHOC.

Disabled access

We have access to all areas of the surgery for people with disabilities including toilet facilities.


We are currently able to dispense medications to all patients who live more than one mile from a pharmacy.

Data Protection

We are careful with the data we hold and our duties of confidentiality. We are registered on The Data Protection Register and comply with those requirements. We sometimes need to share your personal details with other areas of the NHS so that you are looked after properly, eg hospital, PCT, screening services. These organisations also comply with the regulations and will protect your data.

Shared Records

Health services in Allerdale now have the ability to share some information from your medical records with other health services that provide you with care. This information is limited and is called a shared record. Medical records are increasingly being stored on computers. If you give permission, the healthcare professionals that treat you can view your shared record, or an appropriate section of it, through a linked records system. This is done through a secure NHS network, not the internet. Each health service you visit will continue to add clinical information to their own record of your care. Shared records allow relevant information from these records to be viewed collectively as one record.

Publication Scheme

You have the right to obtain a copy of the records that are held about you. A fee will be charged for this in accordance with our publication scheme.

Clinical Governance

We constantly evaluate our advice and care and alter it when appropriate in line with current guidelines. We also have regular clinical event reviews.


We are happy to offer chaperones to males or females for appropriate examinations, We will always try to accommodate this if an examination is needed immediately, however, if the situation is not urgent and a chaperone immediately is not possible we are happy to arrange a chaperoned examination at another time. If you would like a person known to you or a chaperone from the surgery present please tell us.

Practice Training Sessions

We have several practice education afternoons. We will try to advertise these on the website noticeboard as well as in the surgery. CHOC covers urgent medical problems during these sessions and the surgery opens again later in the afternoon.


We help to teach medical students from The University of Newcastle. You will be told if a student is likely to be present when you see us. If you would prefer a student was not present when you are seen, please tell the receptionist. This will not affect your care in any way. The students learn a great deal during their time in the practice and your contribution to their training is much appreciated.

Local Organisation Cumbria PCT is responsible for ensuring you have all the services you need. The PCT website is available by Clicking Here.


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