Travel vaccines

There have been changes to our services from April 2019

At The Croft Surgery we now only provide the free travel vaccines which are available on the NHS.

Please ask at the surgery for a Travel Vaccination Form; this will have your vaccination history on it and tell you about the vaccinations that are given here.

Patients planning to travel abroad should make their own arrangements to seek advice about the vaccinations recommended for their travelling. Travel clinics are available at some larger pharmacies and online. The NHS FitforTravel website and TravelPro are useful places for reference.

If you require  vaccinations other than those provided by the NHS then you will need to make arrangements elsewhere; these are often available at pharmacies.

If you would like us to give you the free NHS vaccinations, please contact the practice and book the next available appointment with a practice nurse.

If the next available appointment is not soon enough for your travel needs then you will need to pay for the injections at another provider.

Many courses of vaccines need to be started several months before travel so please allow plenty of time prior to travel to complete vaccination courses.

Please see the NHS website for further information.