Exercise on referral

Our patients can be referred to the local Heathwise Scheme

The Healthwise physical activity referral scheme introduces individuals in Allerdale to the benefits of physical activity in order to help reduce risk factors for chronic disease and manage existing medical conditions.

The programme aims to encourage people of all abilities to become and remain more physically active, helping to increase fitness levels and improve health and well-being.

The scheme is for residents or patients from a GP/Doctors surgery who are not active.

It is designed to assist people with medical conditions or other specialist requirements that prevent them from entering mainstream exercise.

Common reasons for referral: High blood pressure • Diabetes • Obesity • Asthma • Circulatory / respiratory diseases • Depression and anxiety • Arthritis. Regular activity can reduce the risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Regular activity will help: • To keep your heart strong and healthy • To reduce stress and anxiety • To assist with weight loss and weight management • To strengthen your muscles • To improve your mobility and improve posture • To assist with smoking cessation • To improve your quality of life and overall health

Healthwise offer a range of classes to suit all abilities. Your facilitator will help you select suitable activities.

Your physical activity programme may include some of the following: • Gym based supervised sessions • Group exercise options • Waterbased exercise • Community group sessions • Parkrun • Recommendations for being active at Home • How to include activity into your daily life

The healthwise team will help: • Assess and monitor your progress • Motivate and encourage you during your activity programme • Advise you on how to exercise safely and with confidence • Answer your questions.

If you are interested in Healthwise then please speak to a GP or Practice Nurse. If they feel you may benefit from Healthwise they will need to refer you to the local Hub for an initial appointment with the Healthwise Team.

You will then be registered for a course of supervised or unsupervised activity for between 13-26 weeks.

Contact: Wigton Hub (Wigton Hospital for initial appointment) Wigton Hospital, Cross Lane, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9DD Tel: 01946 853333 (option 7)