After 32 years as a trustee of the fund, Mrs Mary Little has decided to step down from her role.

We are so grateful to her for her support, dedication and quiet professionalism in ensuring that donations to the fund have been acknowledged gratefully and that the monies have been used appropriately to provide equipment for the surgery to provide care beyond the expected norm.

Mary has worked with George Hill, the other trustee, for all this time. Recently they have been joined by Mrs Ann Kirk, and George and George and Ann will continue to administer the fund as trustees.

The fund has provided a wide range of equipment for the surgery and community use; we were one of the first surgeries to have defibrillators for all the doctors, we have great mechanical examination couchesĀ  that go up and down to help patients get on and off them, we have emergency oxygen – and countless other useful and helpful tools for our trade.

We continue to be grateful to our patients and their families for donations to the fund and at this moment we are taking the opportunity of publically thanking Mary, on behalf of The Croft Surgery, with heartfelt gratitude for her years of service

Dr Elspeth Swan