Prescribing Changes

NHS England has published guidance to GPs advising them not to routinely prescribe medications for certain conditions which can be bought over the counter from pharmacies as well as many other supermarkets and convenience shops.

We are always keen to do what is best for our patients and have resisted these measures. However it is clear that particularly during this difficult period we all need to be doing what we can to help save NHS money and enabling funds to be targeted where they are most needed.

The medication concerned includes the following items:

Infrequently used paracetamol

Eye Lubricant Drops

Antihistamines (which are available over the counter)

Indigestion remedies e.g. Gaviscon and Peptac

Simple Laxatives e.g. Docusate, Senna and Bisacodyl

These medicines are all available for purchase over the counter.

Details of your local pharmacy and their opening hours can be found at

Please note that some exceptions apply including but not exclusive to patients requiring blister packs and those needing end of life care.

Examples of Prices (07/2020)