Reviewing patient lists

The COVID pandemic has seen many changes in healthcare provision and practices across North Cumbria have been tightening their boundaries.

This has lead to an influx of new patients to our practice that live in close proximity to the surgery.

Over the years we have tried to remain flexible with our boundaries however the doctors feel that the quality of patient care and safety is compromised by having patients living many miles from the surgery.
For example, there is no guarantee that a GP would be able to make a home visit to to a patient who is too unwell to travel to the practice.
We have reviewed our patients’ addresses and we are now in the process of contacting all patients who live outside our boundary.
They will be asked to register at a practice closer to their home.

We know that some patients we are contacting about this have been with the practice for many years but patient safety for all remains the over-riding priority.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding as these difficult changes are made.